How To Clean Your Hearth

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Cleaning your fireplace hearth is one of those tasks which repeatedly gets put off because it is considered one of the most tedious jobs when looking after your household. Cleaning in itself is not one of the most fun tasks there is but cleaning your hearth doesn't need to be a chore. Simply by following some easy steps you can have a super clean hearth with little effort on your behalf.
1. Remove the dust. Dusting over any surface is logical before commencing the cleaning stages. Removing excess dust prevents it from being worked into the hearth when being cleaned. So starting off with a clean slate means you can achieve better results when cleaning your hearth.
2.Protect the floor. Soot and ash can make a lot of mess so by protecting your floor you can keep the after task clean up to a bare minimum. Using protective sheets, or old bed sheets, simply lay them across the floor around the area you are working on to prevent any stains or damage to your floor or carpet.
3.Prepare and apply your cleaning solution. Dependent on which cleaning products you choose to use on your hearth will alter how you prepare the solution. Apply the solution use a sponge or a spray bottle to apply directly to the areas which need to be targeted.
4. Remove the cleaner. After 3 to 5 minutes remove the cleaning solution from the hearth using a damp cloth. Whilst removing the debris take care not to spread any of the loosened dirt, this could create more work for you, so avoid it if you can.
5. Reapply and finish. In some circumstances you may find that there are more stubborn areas of built up ash, soot and dirt so a second application may be needed. Repeating the steps 1 to 4 you can easily tackle the remaining debris left on the hearth. Once all of the dirt, soot and grime has been removed dry the surface using a clean, dry cloth.
Depending on your style of fireplace and hearth the frequency of cleaning the hearth may differ. By using the Soot Buster you have the flexibility of using the strength to tackle stubborn marks and the gentle solution to use on a regular basis.
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