How To Complete Pokemon Emarald Easily!

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Choose Torchic as yr starter, catch any flying pokemon and another normal pokemon to help u along yr way. u will get past about 6 or 7 gyms (catch grass and water pokemon along the way as well and maybe psychic) and on the seventh u face the twin sisters which took me ages to beat but u will eventually beat them. When u have the hm surf go to rayquaza (read walkthroughs from and beat him up. The second time u go there there will be holes, go over them with yr bike quickly but u will have to be clever to get over the  last set ( it took me like half an hour). When u finnally get to rayquaza, use yr master ball which u find in yr adventures and catch him at level 70. Then u can do the 8th gym and the elite four easily and then u get to the battle frontier!

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