How To Deal With Difficult Customers

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Dear eBayer,

Unfortunately, it is a plain and simple fact that when selling on eBay (or anywhere else), you will more than likely encounter difficult, unreasonable customers that really provoke you! Perhaps a customer was not happy with your product or overall service, even though you went out your way to please them! As an eBay seller who is focused on building their business, and their brand, it is essential not let these type of issues drag you and your business down, lead you to consider quitting, or at worst, ending your dream of making a full-time living on eBay!


With these points firmly in mind, here's our very best tips and advice for those of you who may be struggling to deal with this 'all to familiar' type of customer...

  • Even when a customer is rude or insulting to you (for no apparent reason), always be polite and courteous in your communications with them.
  • Take 'the higher ground' - maintain your professionalism at all times. This ultimately reflects well on you as an individual, and your business as a whole.
  • Never resort to insulting a buyer - even when you feel they are well deserving of this!
  • Appeal to the customer's better nature - sometimes you can win over even the most difficult customer just by being polite, helpful and courteous. You have heard the phrase 'Kill 'em With Kindness' - this is so true!
  • Assert yourself when you have to - use firm, but non-aggressive language.
  • If a customer is claiming that you have failed to tell them something about your product or service, when it is clearly stated in your listing, gently remind them of that.
  • Remember - customer service is everything! So, never be tempted to get into a verbal slanging match with a customer. Just do whatever you can to help them.
  • If the worst comes to the worst, and you simply do not wish to deal with the customer again, you can add the customer to your block senders list. Just search for this on eBay itself, or do a keyword search for eBay Block Senders List in Google. If you are being threatened then you should consider reporting this to eBay, but sometimes it may be just better to 'walk away' from the situation.
Remember, you are an eBay seller primarily because you need the income it can bring you. So, developing the correct mindset and approach towards customer service is essential to your long term success on eBay or otherwise. How many of you have encountered poor customer service and felt like not dealing with the company in question ever again? Be the exception to the rule, and provide awesome customer service no matter what!


Wishing you all the very best of luck with your eBay sales/businesses! Hopefully, our experience of dealing with unreasonable, difficult, or demanding customers, may give you valuable insights into how you too could adopt this professional, mindful approach.

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