How To Detect/ Identify & Test A Fake Counterfeit Silver Coin

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With so many fake/replica/counterfeit silver coins coming out of China right now, it is sensible for the collector and/or investor to ensure that the coins that they are purchasing are the real thing.
As carrying out an acid test would not be prudent when attending coin shows, antique fairs and the like, a more easier test would be advisable.
This is where a simple, small, low cost, readily available item can be put to good use.....
A fake silver coin can be readily detected by using nothing more than a 10mm x 1mm neodymium rare earth magnet. Here's how it works....
Hold the silver coin at an angle of 45 degrees and place the magnet at the top of the coin and then let it go.
If the magnet sticks to the coin, it is not silver, because silver is basically non magnetic.
If the magnet slides straight off the silver coin, it is not silver.
If however, the magnet slowly slides down the coin, then it is a genuine silver coin and not a counterfeit one.
For a video demonstration, see our videos HERE
The principle works on the basis of the electrons that make up the silver coin are partially affected by the small (but very strong) 10mm neodymium rare earth magnet, making the silver very slightly magnetic.
This is why the magnet slides very slowly down the coin rather than sticking to it or sliding right off.
Other ways to check silver coins, is to make certain that the weight, height and diameter are all correct.
Very often a fake coin will be the correct weight. But as silver is a heavy metal, it will usually have been made slightly oversize in order to accomlpish this, which is why only a silver coin will be the correct weight if the height and diameter are correct.
Checking the weight is quite easy, but you will need a jeweller's scale that weighs in increments of 0.01 grams, as most coins weights are given down to two or three decimal places e.g. a silver eagle weighs 32.45 grams.
The best way to measure the height and diameter of a silver coin is to use a vernier caliper. The latest digital electronic ones are very accurate and are not expensive.

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