How To Determine Your Bra Size

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How To Determine Your Bra Size

It is estimated over 90% of woman are wearing the wrong bra size. The bra sizing system can be confusing…there are so many styles and sizes out there!

Finding the right bra size and shape can make such a difference to your silhouette and of course, your confidence!

Here at Mio Destino – we aim to demystify bra fitting. Follow our guide and find your true bra size.

Correct Method For Putting On A Bra

Step One
Put the bra straps on. Lean forward and allow your breasts to ‘fall’ into the cups and fasten the bra at the back. (If you fasten your bra at the front and swing it around the back, you put excess strain on the bra elastics.)

Step Two
Put your right hand into the left bra cup and lift yourself into the bra.  Repeat this action on the other side. The wire should fit directly underneath the breast root (not ‘on’ it, as this will cause discomfort).

Step Three
 Adjust the straps. Drop the strap off your shoulder and adjust the bra strap, so it is comfortable to wear. The straps should support the breast lightly but should not put much pressure on the shoulder, otherwise the back of the bra will ride up and your bust line will fall forward appearing unsupported.


Bra Measuring Guide

There is a certain amount of skill required when being measured for a bra – you need to enlist the help of a friend, as you cannot measure yoursel accurately.

Step 1
Take a firm measurement around the rib cage, directly underneath the breast.  Make sure the person measuring double checks that the tape measure does not slip down at the back.

Step 2 
Use the following guide to determine your back size;
 Underbust Measurement   Bra Underband Size
25” -  26” 30
27” – 28” 32
29” – 30” 34
31” – 32” 36
33” – 34” 38
35” – 36” 40

For example – if you measure 28” on the underband, your bra underband size is 32.

Step 3 
To determine your cup size, take a second measurement over the fullest part of the bust. This should be an actual measurement so do not make it too tight. (Again, try to ensure the tape measure does not slip down your back.)

Step 4 
To determine your cup size – you need to do a simple calculation.
You need to take away the second measurement, away from the first measurement. The number you are left with determines your cup size.

Use the following guide to determine your cup size;

Full bust measurement (minus)-
underband measurement =

Cup Size
3” AA cup
4” A
5” B
6” C
7” D
8” DD
9” E
10” F
11” FF
12” G
13” GG
14” H
15” HH

For example – our model measures 35” on the overbust and 28" on the underbust.
Calculation = 35"– 28" = 7” difference.
Our model would be a 32D.

Bra Sizing

Bra sizing appears complicated. In fact, as long as you understand some basic rules – it is easy to get your head around. It is important to remember that the band size and cup size of a bra always work together. A ‘DD’ cup size is not always a larger cup capacity than a ‘D’ cup – it depends on the band size. In fact, a 34B cup size is the same cup capacity as a 32C and a 36A – the only thing that is different in the band size.

38B, 36C, 34D, 32DD and 30E all have the same cup capacity. The only difference in size is the ‘band’ size. It is essential that you choose the correct band size AND cup size if you are to be properly supported in your bra.
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