How To FOCUS Yourself Using The Power Of To-Do Lists

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In order to make money online (in whatever niche) you must focus your efforts and your time. To help do this use a ‘to-do list’. I now have one of these stuck on my pc monitor. This way I can make sure I concentrate on what jobs need doing and not get distracted which is so easy to do when you receive as many emails as I do (I had over 280 this morning).

Mondays to-do list looks like this:

1. Check Emails
2. Upload Ebay Listings
3. Make Post on Ebay Blog
4. Make Post on RLB Blog
5. Write New Ebay Guide

The time right now is 10.39am and I’ve just completed checking my emails. I started about an hour ago. So now I’m off to upload my listings.

For some of my listings I use to find out the best times and days to list those items. It really is a great free tool. I can find out how many items have sold over the last thirty days, the average price, the best days and the best time of day to have those items start/finish.

Once I’ve gathered this information I create a new folder in my ‘inventory’ in Turbolister. For example I keep all my recipe ebooks in a seperate folder. I call this folder ‘Recipes - 9am-2pm - Everyday’. So now when I come to list these items (at present I have 10 different recipe ebooks) I know to schedule them every 30 minutes between 9am and 2pm everyday. Actually I don’t tend to list on Fridays and Saturdays due to those being slower days unless Terapeak says otherwise.

Right my listings are being uploaded via Turbolister so that’s another job out of the way. I’ve been on my pc for about 2 hours now so it’s time to take a short break. Coffee and toast and marmalade here I come!

Time to start the next job on my to-do list and that’s make a post on my Ebay blog ( Read My Blog ). Todays post is quite easy to write because I’ve been documenting what I’m doing today (your reading it now!)

Time to post the same on my RLB-Publishing blog.

The next job on my list is to write a guide to put up on Ebay. Luckily I wrote a new guide on the Saturday just gone so I can upload that. Writing guides is quite easy once you know how. Here’s how I do it. First of all I go to my favourite article websites and browse through the multitude of articles. I’ve chose the general topic about listing ebooks on Ebay so I just search for Ebay or ebooks and then start reading.

Once I’ve found an article I like I simply re-write it in my own style. Don’t get me wrong here I’m not copying this article. Doing that is a sure-fire way of getting yourself banned from article sites.

The article I found talked about ways to improve your Ebay listings to make them stand out from the rest. So I took this as the inspiration for my article. I called it ‘5 Sure Fire Ways To Improve Your Ebook Auction Listings On Ebay’.

To read this article  check out my Ebay guides here. .

So thats all my to-do list done for the day and I haven’t been distracted. Why haven’t I been distracted? Because I knew what I had to do. I had it listed in front of me stuck to my pc monitor. Now I can concentrate on either starting tomorrows to-do list or starting a project. I’m actually going to start a new affiliate promotion for a product I’ve discovered is selling extremely well. I’ll keep everyone posted about how it goes.

I hope some of you will start using to-do lists because if they help me I’m sure they will help you too.
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