How To Find Authentic Ring Size Chart For All

Like if this guide is helpful
Hello everyone,

This is my first guide and i think it would be very helpful.
Ok so as a seller for me its very important to have the right ring size chart to avoid any hassles.
So i have always been very confused about which size chart to use and how do i know it is authentic.
I also tried the size chats provided here on ebay by differnt sellers.but i can not be 100 percent sure about them too as they were published by sellers like me i do not know their source of information.
So i wanted something where i could believe on source on information and its authenticity so one day i happened to check the amazon and see how they provide ring size chart there.
I clicked on a ring listing and noticed there was something called sizing info just on the side i clicked on it and it opened an actual ring size chart as soon as saw this i knew this is what i am looking for
The reason for that was that it was actually published by amazon itself which is one of the top 5 websites in the whole world amongst ebay.
So you can trust their authenticity but not any other website except there was some size chart published by eBay itself not the sellers.
Since then i have been using same size chart without any problems.So that is the ring size chart you need to follow to.
I wish ebay had someting similar.
In the end one more tip that ring size chart is not only for uk customers but any one from any country can check their ring size from their.
For that you just have to open the amazon website of your countty.

I hope this informaiton was helpful.
Please vote so get encouranged and share more knowledge with you guys in future.
Thank you.
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