How To Find The Hottest Selling Items On eBay

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Without a shadow of a doubt the internet has changed the way we shop forever. Part of the shift in change has been ebay. If you want to be successful on ebay and maybe even reach powerseller status you must find what's hot and what's selling on ebay at this moment in time.

Trends change daily and the mood of the customer changes almost every minute of the day. We're in a "want it now" culture, both for information and physical products.

So how do you find what is selling on eBay?

There are many different ways of finding out what's hot at the moment, but I think the most obvious and accurate one is ebay themselves. Have you heard of something called eBay pulse? eBay Pulse is a tool that eBay provides and its got to be the fastest way to find out what's hot and what's not. In a nutshell eBay Pulse basically shows you the top ten searches for every category within eBay. Do you realise how powerful that is. If you're working in an offline industry your company would pay thousands or even millions for this type of information. Here's eBay giving you full access to the crown jewels for nothing.

Before I sell anything on eBay I first check the eBay pulse results just to compare different item popularity. This will give me an indication as to how much demand there is for a particular product or even subject matter.

What I like about ebay pulse is the fact that you delve deeper into each category to pick out sweet niche's that you otherwise wouldn't have evn noticed before.

Once you know which products are in high demand its just a matter of finding a decent wholesale source for this product or even a drop shipper. I've used both in my time but found that dropshippers an easier route. They basically handle the bulk of the inventory and calculate shipping, all I had to do was flog the stuff. Under eBay terms and conditions I can't list any wholesale sources but I'd say the worse thing you can do is type into google "wholesale sources" or even "dropshippers in the UK". Seriously, you'll only be wasting your time with lots of scams or sources everyone goes to. The terms you need to try are:

orders over "xxxxxxxx" "stock"
"minimum orders" "stock etc

I'm sure you get the idea. Supply and demand also comes into it. If you're looking to sell sat navs on ebay, logic says that the person that can purchase more from a supplier will be able to drive down the per unit cost of purchase.

I've drifted a little from the topic, its just I see so many people making this mistake when they first start out they end up losing a lot of money.


There are several types of software in the marketplace that will also help you find hot selling items on ebay and what's in high demand. Simply do a seacrh for "ebay item finder" and you should find quite a few. I must admit that I've personally not used them, I prefer eBay pulse any day of the week.

If you're just starting out or at the research stage take a look at your competition (similiar sellers) and study their prices, how they list their auctions, even order from them to see what distribution channels they use and how they package their items. My best bit of advice is to start small, test the market and calculate all of your costs.

Good luck!

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