How To Fit Your Genuine Badge, Emblem and/or Nameplate

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This guide is to aid you in correctly fitting your Genuine Badge which has been supplied by

In order to ensure a good, long-lasting fit of your newly purchased badge, please follow the instructions below:

1. Ensure the weather conditions are ok - not too cold and not raining.

2. To remove the original badge (if present) it is suggested to gently heat the area with a heat gun (or hair drier) for a short time. This helps to make the original adhesive 'tacky' and then the badge should pull away. If it still a firm fit, it sometimes helps to use an old Credit Card or plastic spatula to gently lift the badge away from the bodywork. Please take care not to scratch the vehicle when doing this.

3. Remove any dirt, dust and waxy residue from the area by using an alcohol-cleaner. This will ensure that the area is clean and fully prepared.

4. If the badge is a Nameplate with individual letters, usually (but not always) the badges, when supplied, have a clear plastic front section - you simply remove the backing paper, line up the badge using the clear plastic front section, press on, and then remove the front section.

4. Do not wash your vehicle for 24-hours. - The One Stop Genuine Car Badge Shop
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