How To Fix Grainy Images ~'Image Compression' CTRL+ F5

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Firstly I must state that this only happened to me a few weeks ago, pictures were fine up until then and I have not changed my internet provider. Suddenly I was receiving the dreaded 'to improve image quality refresh page with CTRL + F5.  I tried everything to fix it, I tried blocking the javascript address in view sources, unticking the 'smart image dithering' in my internet tools but nothing worked.

My ebay pictures were dreadful, fine detail were no longer shown, I had to fix the problem.

Browsing the webpages I learned that my problem was:

'Image Compression' and it has been bothering mobile broadband users for years, it is designed to give you faster browsing speed but at the cost of reducing images to blurry & grainy sights . However it can be solved and so far I have not experienced slower than usual internet browsing. If you are with orange mobile broadband to turn off the accelerator which is causing the problem you need to go to orange and type in accelerator (due to ebay rules I cannot place a weblink here) I found it by typing in the address bar,

For users of vodafone, virgin and other mobile internet providers,  view their webpages for help  with image compression and how to turn the accelerator off or contact them directly in order to get your internet browsing back to the quality you are used to.

Sellers Note although it will fix the quality you are seeing, it is unfortunate that your buyers on mobile broadband who have not found a solution to the problem will still be seeing your images as grainy. It may be a good idea to place a link in your about me or shop pages to explain what may be their problem.

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