How To Get A Free Macbook

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The Free Macbook eBook

This is the guide that will tell you how to get a free Macbook in just 3 simple steps

Step 1 - Register with the Freebie Site

The first thing that you need to do is to sign up with the freebie site to register your shipping details for your free Macbook. You do this by using the link below

Step 2 - Complete Just One Sponsored Offer

Now all you need to do is to complete one of the freebie site's sponsored offers avaliable to you. The best one here is the ringtone download of a top real-tone. This is a one off £5 payment and the only cash contribution that you would have to make towards your free macbook. This step is compulsary for getting your free Macbook Air
Now your half way there!

Step 3 - Refer friends to do the same

This part, i believe is the easiest part of getting your free macbook. You just need to get your friends to sign up under your unique referral link (avaliable once you sign up and log-in to your account). They would also need to complete the ringtone offer like you had done previosly. There are loads of people online on different social networks that will easily sign up for you if they know they will get a free macbook air.

Then you just wait for the post man to deliver your free macbook after you have completed the above requirements!!
The Rules
Only one account is allowed per household, you cannot sign up your freinds or families from the same address, or the same PC's!
Provide real information - These companies pride themselves on thier legitimacy and would never give out your information
Don't try to cheat the system. You will not pull this off if you try to do it. The freebie sites have various different methods to tell whether you are trying to cheat them

If you follow all the steps above and keep to the rules, YOU WILL RECIEVE YOUR FREE MACBOOK
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