How To Get Long Hair Naturally

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Both males and females can struggle to grow long hair naturally if the correct steps are not taken. Many can be inhibiting their own growth without even realising it. The general gist of growing long hair naturally is to increase blood flow and prevent any physical damage to your hair. 

Improving blood circulation in the scalp can stimulate faster hair growth and it also reduces inflammation so fewer hairs will be falling out. One way this can be achieved is by massaging your hair for 20 minutes  daily whilst you do your activities throughout the day. 
You will notice that you begin to lose less hair everyday and that it is thicker too.

Eating right
Consuming foods which provide your body with essential minerals and vitamins will increase keratin production and help build hair protein structures at a faster rate.

What are these foods?

Foods that contain biotin, b-complex, vitamin E are all especially necessary for skin and hair growth however improving your diet generally will be more beneficial as simply consuming the vitamins is not enough. This is because they have varying levels of bio-availability in the body i.e just because they are present in the body, they won't be absorbed unless other important vitamins are present too.
This is why vitamins in their tablet form do not work for some - you need all the essential vitamins in the right proportions and at the right time too!
But there are also foods that should be avoided when trying to grow your hair longer. You see, many 'unhealthy' foods which we label today such as junk food can cause inflammation in the scalp which causes hairs to fall out.
Excessive alcohol consumption can inhibit protein formation so hair and muscle growth (and general body growth) are stunted. 

Styling damage
These days, hair is significantly damaged by styling methods (such as the use of straighteners) or using harsh styling products. Not only can it strip your hair of its natural moisture and vitality, but also break down keratin fibres making your hair look frizzled and dry.
If you cannot stop using these, at least limit the usage and give your hair a break.

You probably use a shampoo everyday or so to clean your hair when you shower but it can be your best friend or biggest enemy.
Growing long hair needs not be done alone, external help as an aid should always be welcome as it can maximise results

FAST shampoo has shown to be very effective in increasing hair growth however it has caused lots of unwanted side effects such as hair loss, hair thinning and an overall deterioration in hair health. This is just one example of what most hair growth shampoos do due to them being packed with harsh chemicals which damage the skin on your head and dry your hair. 

Another example is Alpecin - it is a product of good marketing. There may be certain benefits to using it for some people however they are limited and this can be proved simply by analysing their evidence. The experiments they refer to for it improving hair growth and preventing hair loss have 2 major criticisms
Firstly, the experiment was carried out in vitro, meaning it was done in a test-tube environment which removes the effects of human hormones, present in the scalp, on your hair. 
Secondly, hair which was tested was submerged in caffeine for 15 minutes, this is much longer than any of us would apply shampoo in our hair when showering. 

But there are still very powerful, effective but gentle shampoos out there for faster hair growth.
The Taoist Soap has been creating a buzz amongst the 'hair community'. This is a completely natural blend of rare herbs which increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth whilst simultaneously detoxifying your scalp.

This not only reduces any inflammation present but creates a healthier scalp for the long run.
Also, because it so natural, and even edible in fact, it has none of the negative side effects most other hair growth shampoos have. Well will have side effects such as healthier, thicker hair but nothing unwanted or harmful.
So its a good idea to try this soap if you are looking to grow long hair the natural way as it supports your body, to support itself instead of relying on it for good because most users have found they have to use it less and less as time goes on.

Ensure you are getting enough intense, aerobic exercise everyday as this improves overall blood circulation. When all muscles and tendons are being used it dilates blood vessels all around the body which is essential for general health. However, the real benefit of exercise in terms of hair is that more oxygen and nutrients are being supplied to your hair so they will grow faster and stronger. 
Lastly, it also important to control stress levels because stress has been shown time and time again to be strongly correlated with hair loss due to the inflammation and free radical damage it causes. If it can cause hair loss, then it will slow you down from growing long hair naturally by inhibiting protein synthesis. 

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