How To Get Naturally Long Hair

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Give someone enough time and everyone can grow long hair naturally by just not cutting their hair.
However growing long, thick and shiny hair within a given time period can only be done by a good level of general health and a powerful aid to work from the outside. Here are some great tips to get naturally long hair!


This is the most significant factor under your control when it comes to speeding up hair growth. To build the protein structures in your hair, you need the correct nutrition.

Foods such as fish, chicken, eggs and beans all aid keratin production which are the building blocks of hair. You also need to ensure that you have enough (and correct proportions) of vitamins, fats and oils which include vitamin A-K and omega-3 fats all of which benefit the skin and hair. 

Aside from nutrients, for hair follicles to grow faster and stronger, they also require oxygen so if you are deficient in iron levels it can affect your body's ability to supply sufficient oxygen.

However you must keep in mind that simply eating iron tablets will not do much if not coupled with an overall improved diet because as mentioned before, you need correct proportions e.g for calcium to be bio-available (readily absorbed) it requires magnesium, for that to be absorbed it requires vitamin C...and the list goes on.
Therefore the degree of absorption depends on everything else you eat too.

If you want longer hair, then you will also require dietary discipline. What does that mean?

As you may or may not know, inflammation is the cause of hair loss although the source of this inflammation can be due to anything from DHT in your scalp, a bad diet or certain hair products. So fried, processed and sugary foods tend to inflame the scalp and generally lead to arterial plaque which all contribute to reducing blood circulation.

To counteract this effect, try and incorporate more niacin through the foods you eat as this increases circulation causing your skin to flush.

Hair Products and Styling
Using hair gel, wax and other styling products may trigger inflammation itself if your skin is sensitive to it. For those who use straighteners, hair dryers, rollers and other equipment to style hair, it is essential you keep use limited. The excessive heat damages hair and can leave your hair paper thin in the long run.

Shampoos and Over-washing
Many people fall into the trap of using generic shampoos on a daily basis and end up over-washing their.
You see, the average shampoo you find on the market such as Head and Shoulders are packed with chemicals which strip your hair and skin of its natural oils and vitality.

If you want longer hair, then it is best to stay away from even the specialised shampoos for hair growth e.g FAST shampoo. The side effects they can potentially cause are not worth the length: thinner hair, hair loss, dried out frizzy hair and itchiness on the scalp.
Although FAST claim to be able to increase the length of hair by up to 30% in 2 months, so many users have complained about excessive hair loss since their first use. 

However there is a much healthier and effective alternative with zero side effects. The Taoist Soap is made from 100% natural elements which are found in the mountains of Korea and the special properties of the herbs infused within it allow the detoxification of the scalp and increase blood circulation.

This soap is gentle enough to use everyday without the risk of over-washing and reduces inflammation in the scalp so hair can naturally grow faster.

Unlike other hair growing shampoos, the Taoist Soap actually increases the thickness of your hair as well as giving it a natural shine - and by natural it doesn't mean 'covering the hair in a fatty acid' natural, it means it replenishes the moisture hair naturally contains. 

So now you know that the general gist of increasing the speed of hair growth or reducing hair loss is to increase blood circulation. In fact even minoxidil, a very popular drug for hair loss, was discovered when it was being used for heart conditions. It works by dilating the blood vessels in the scalp hence increasing the blood supply. Since this drug can have severe side effects, you can use many alternatives to replicate the effect.

For example, simply massaging the scalp daily for ten minutes can do wonders for your hair.

Similarly intense exercising for at least thirty minutes a day is vital for maintaing the heart muscle and prevent any stagnation. 

Once you have cleansed the system internally through an improved lifestyle, and externally though the detoxing power of the soap, your body's natural system will reset and a side effect of that will be longer, healthier hair.
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