How To Get The Best Out Of Buying From eBay -Tips-

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New to Buying on eBay?

Worried About The Many scams and tricks heard of constantly on TV?

Want to get the best value deals for your Money?

Then this is the guide for you...


Firstly, you need to make sure the seller your buying off is reliable, or out to get one over its buyer...

  • Feedback:

- Check the persons feedback. If they have recent reports of several bad feedbacks it might be a bad idea to go there way.

- Remember to check there star rating if it is present, as this could inform you upon how quickly and reliably your item will come!

  • Picture:

- Is there an actual picture of the item for sale? or just a stock photo? If theres not, be more wary. The seller may be hiding something... This is a more likely scam for those selling more expensive items, yet it could happen in the cheaper items from time to time!

  • Check every detail of the advert:

- For example, if i was buying a ps3. i would check every detail about the item, one scam iv seen on ps3's is them advertised maybe as "PS3 40gb box". Notice the word box, blatent ino, but to some obviously not, as i saw somebody sell a PS3 box for £200 once...

  • Questions:

- Ask as many questions as possible before placing a big or buying your item. Dont feel pressured by the ending time, take your time, there will always be another opportunity for the item, dont worry!

  •  Payment:

- If payment is done via check, then you can do very little to retrieve your money if the seller was a scammer, whereas on paypal, you can simply make a claim, and once paypal has assessed the situation, you will receive a refund. I and eBay, both heavily advise you to join and use paypal.


Getting The Deal You Want For The Price You Want


  • Always feel in control:

-Politly yet firmly remind the seller your in control. the seller needs you, you don't need them, you have other offers. You as the buyer are the only one who can leave bad feedback (a recent addition to eBay rules) so never be afraid!


  • Summary:

Make sure you never panic whilst buying, always stay calm, make sure you never get excited and caught up in the moment. This will only hamper your decision making and may cause you some regrets!


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Thanks for your time, and I wish you a happy and safe eBaying experience

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