How To Get Thicker Natural Hair

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As we age, thinner hair can be a huge burden on both men and women but there is a solution. You need not look for artificial hair thickeners or even wigs to cover your head. All you have to do is take the right steps to allow your body to recover and it will take you back to your natural state

Firstly you should focus on reducing damage to your hair which cause it to thin in the first place. It would be a wasted effort if all changes to your hair thickness were being counteracted by carelessness. So what are these damaging habits which can thin our hair? 

Unfortunately many of us have a habit since childhood to wash our hair everyday with a generic shampoo and usually these are packed with harsh chemicals which strip away your hair's natural oils and moisture.

They often cause split ends, frizzy hair and of course thinner hair. Although many 'hair specialists' recommend a good conditioner this in many cases worsens the problem as you further add potentially toxic substances and only artificially thickens the hair shaft giving you a temporary thickness and shine.

Therefore it is best to either use a basic shampoo (baby shampoo) or invest in something made from natural elements which detoxifies the scalp but is gentle enough to use everyday such as the Taoist Soap. But in any case, the less commercial the shampoo is, i.e constant advertising on TV from aplecin, the more it can be trusted as a genuine aid to your hair.

Using Products on Hair
Unless you want paper thin hair - avoid all gels, waxes, dyes, hair straighteners, curlers etc. Girls - I know this is tough but it must be limited at the very least. Straighteners reach temperatures which can easily burn hair strands and gels/waxes may cause inflammation and speed up the rate at which hair falls. If they are to be used, find natural alternatives and if not, then use sparingly. 

Diet and Lifestyle
It should be noted that inflammation is one of the most significant factors when it comes to hair thinning and even hair loss. Inflammation can arise from certain products such as gels/waxes as mentioned above, lack of hygiene, excess DHT in the scalp (esp for Men) and lastly your lifestyle.

Processed and sugary foods generally cause inflammation in most people although the amount varies from person to person so it would not be true to say that there is no link between diet and hair thinning. You may notice when you eat certain foods your face can swell up - well it works the same with your scalp. Instead foods which provide the correct nutrition should be eaten as they help rebuild the protein structures in your hair and counteract any natural deterioration. 

Those are the preventive measures you can take, but what can you actively do to combat your hair thinning. Well as mentioned earlier, if inflammation is the root of hair thinning and hair loss, all we have to do is increase blood circulation. This will decrease inflammation directly and it can be done by simply massaging your scalp for 15-20 minutes a day. You will notice not only fewer hairs falling but your hair will feel thicker too.
Another thing that can be done to reduce inflammation is washing your head (ONLY) with cold water when you shower for a few a minutes. 

The majority of the work to have thicker hair can be done yourself but it doesn't hurt to receive outside help, and this can be in the form of Taoist Soap. On the topic of over-washing, finding a shampoo which can be used everyday which improves the condition of your hair can take a big burden off your shoulders.

This soap is recommended because it is made from entirely natural elements and works by improving blood circulation in the scalp and reducing inflammation. The makers claim it is so natural that you can practically eat it! By removing toxins in your scalp it allows hair to have 'fertile ground' to grow on so to speak so that even applying it a few times a week is enough to see considerable changes in hair thickness.

When you take these steps you will aid your body in returning it to its natural state free from external toxins and with thicker, shinier and healthier hair than before.
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