How To Hang Curtains

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How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains
We have tried to make these instructions as detailed as possible if you have never hung pencil pleat curtains before. Most of it is common sense and we always advise people to take their time rather than jumping straight in.
The Cords
Within the curtain tape you will find 3 cords (normally) that are the main way of pleating the curtains. Always tie the cords off before you start to pleat (gather your curtains) at one end of the heading tape. If you don’t do this you could end up with loads of cord in your hand which isn’t great although it can be remedied (use a tapestry needle to re-thread the cords through the tape). As a rule of thumb it is believed that you should tie the curtains off at the leading edge (where the curtains meet in the middle), although this is a matter of personal taste at the end of the day.

The Width For Pleating
Now you have tied off the cords check the width that the curtains need to be. We suggest gathering the curtain to a few centimetres wider than you actually need so that there’s no need to battle/pull each side of the curtain to get them to meet in the middle once you have completed the hanging process.
Gathering Your Curtains
Once again please ensure the cords are tied off securely at one end and then take hold of the three cords at the un-tied end and start to pull them evenly which will ensure that the pleating that this creates is straight and gives you the desired effect. Rather than looking at the front of the curtains to check the pleating, an old tip from a professional window dresser is to look at the tape as it is easier to spot any unevenness in the pleating this way.
Tie-ing The Cords Off
Once the curtains have been gathered to your desired width you can tie the cords off. We would suggest a loose knot as you may want to ungather the curtains at some stage if you need to clean them or if you decide to use them somewhere else in your house. Please do not cut the cords.  You can wind the loose cord up and either try to tuck them in at the end of the tape or safety pin them to the tape/lining so they do not come into eyesight. Again make sure that the pleating is nice and even. Do not rush as the look of your curtains is really important.
Curtain Hooks
If you are using a track please count the amount of gliders that you have (an even amount is best) and then divide by two for each curtain. If it is a pole count the rings and then follow the same procedure.
We recommend you place a hook in the far end of the curtain firstly so the curtains stay securely fixed to the end of the track/pole and then one at the other end (leading edge) of the curtain although you may want to set this back a bit to allow for overlap in the middle. We would then suggest you count the pockets (see below) which is where the hooks go and evenly divide the hooks between them so they are evenly spread out.
The pencil pleat/heading tape usually has 3 pockets in a row from the top to bottom of the tape. The pockets are there for the hooks to be threaded into the tape and you usually insert the hooks from the bottom of the tape with the long side facing into the tape. We recommend that you use the bottom or middle row if you have a curtain track so the top of the tape/curtain hides the track. If you have a pole use the top row so the curtains hang below the pole. Please ensure you do put the hooks into the pockets rather than the cord to avoid the cords pulling out of the curtains as you hang them.
You can use other fixings such as curtain pins or your system might have integral gliders and in this case please refer to the instructions that come with these products or just look it up on You Tube.
Hanging The Curtains
While you can hang them on your own we would recommend that it is a two person job especially for larger curtains so someone is hanging the curtains while the other person holds the weight of the curtains to prevent your great pleating job being destroyed as the weight of the curtains while hanging pulls them out of shape. Please always ensure that you are on a safe platform/ladder while hanging the curtains as none of us want to have an accident at this stage.
Please remember if you have a pole a ring needs to be between the finial and the bracket so you can attach the curtain to it so it does not move along the pole and if it is a track ensure the end hook is attached to the fixed glider.
All Done! Time to sit back and admire your work and have a nice cup of tea or glass of wine.

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