How To Hunt Down The Elusive Bargains That Others Miss

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Correct spelling of keywords within a listing’s Title & Description may well determine the selling price of the auction. It all depends on how many potential bidders view the Auction. The reason is the eBay search function. Specialist buyers will have created searches designed to find and select the items they want to buy. If the Seller has misspelled a vital keyword, then the searches, and therefore potential bidders, will miss the listing and the selling price will be reduced.

Bargain hunters can seek out bargains by deliberately misspelling keywords in their searches.

Prior to writing this guide, I ran some deliberately misspelled searches. Bulion (Bullion), Pewtar (Pewter) and Stirling Silver (Sterling Silver) all produced positive results. Searches with the correct spelling would miss the listing and produce fewer bidders and therefore bargains.

How about Exact Phrase Searches for Fine Jewelary, English Pewtre, 9 carrat gold, Asprays, Gerrards, Saffire Necklace, Opel Earrings, Sliver chain, Dimond ring, Tiffney & Co., Ermerald, gold braclet, real perl necklace and so on. You can save as many possibilities that you can think of in one of your own searches and remember to run it regularly.  It's easy, it's fun and it's PROFITABLE! Spread your net as wide as possible. Try Dimond, Dimand, Diamand, Diomand, Sliver, Silvar, Silvor, Slivar and if a new variation comes to you, it is easy to add it to your saved search.  HAPPY HUNTING!!

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