How To Identify A Real Hot Cast Bronze

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As a follow on to my two earlier guides, I have had requests on how to identify a real hot cast bronze.

The following are only suggestions and no harm whatsoever should be caused to a real hot cast bronze in carrying out any of the following.  For the avoidance of doubt, no responsibility or liability will be accepted for damage caused in carrying out any of the following methods or the results prove untrue.  Please proceed at your own risk.

1. Since a hot cast bronze is metal, tapping with a key or similar object will sound metallic.

2. Try scraping the underside or other non visible surface, if it marks it is probably made of spelter (poor mans bronze) or resin.

3. Look for foundry marks.

4. As a last resort and again on a non visible area, hold a naked flame on the surface.  Nothing will happen.  Resin will bubble.  This method is also true to identify ivory.

Should you have any doubts on carrying out any of the above tasks or require a professional opinion, please take your item to any auction house who will normally give a free verbal appraisal or charge a small nominal fee.

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