How To Identify Real Ugg Australia Boots From Fakes

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The purpose of this guide is to help you identify the differences between real ugg australia boots and the fake uggs. A little knowledge on this topic will let you become more aware so you are better able to make more educated purchase decisions.

The ugg australia boots by Deckers are the perfect footwear for today's active men and women. The most popular styles are the classic tall, classic short, sundance, and ultra boots. Unfortunately, it is becoming easier and easier to buy fake ugg boots due to the fact that there are several overseas companies that are using the terms, "ugg," and "sheepskin," in marketing their own brand just to confuse buyers.

There are several companies that are making ugg boots constituting of fake materials instead of the real sheepskin. So before you purchase your next ugg boot, make sure it is the authentic, genuine ugg australia sheepskin boots. If you have any doubts, be sure to ask your seller enough questions regarding the authenticity of the boots you intend to purchase, if they are hesitant in answering your questions, then don't buy.

Authentic ugg boots are made with genuine merino sheepskin. Twin-faced sheepskin is used in the core of the boots; also the wool of genuine sheep skin is extremely dense, unlike fakes. This dense quality makes them more comfortable and more durable. Other uggs may look like sheepskin but they are not as durable.

Another point to make note of is that fake ugg boots are usually sold at a considerably lower price than real uggs, so this is a red flag you may want to consider as well. It is better to pay a little bit more for the real deal. Also, if you notice sellers who consistently  list in large quantities on a daily basis and often using a short duration time like 1 or 3 days listings, chances are, they are fake.

When you buy your ugg boots, be sure to read the care booklet because there are special instructions you should follow to keep your boots clean and continually looking great.

As you shop for your new uggs just make sure your are getting the real ones, even if it means paying a little higher price. The durability, quality, and comfort are well worth the price.

Happy Shopping!


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