How To Keep Marble Tiles Clean

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Now that more people are useing marble tiles their kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways ,the demand for products to clean marble tiles is growing . With proper maintenance and upkeep, it snot difficult to keep clean marble tiles at all.

To keep your marble sparkling, be sure to keep it free form routine dust and dirt. Clean marble tiles by sweeping the floor often with a soft bristled broom or vacuuming to pick up any loose dirt . If this can t be done  every day, settle for two or trhee times a week.

Be awere that loose dirt can easily  be ground in as people walk acroos the floor . I family and friends have benn walking around in dirt or mud, you might ask them to remove their shoes before walking on your marble tiles. Sand , dirt and other debris left on the bottom of the shoe is abrasive. First, it will scratch the marble , and thenit will grind the dirt into  the scratches.

Many times, all that s needed to clean marble tiles is a warm , damp mop or cloth , especially if here are spill prone kids-and aduslts-in the house .Fortunatelyt, as the tiles gain popularity, so do products formulated to clean marble tiles. lt s best to have some on hand in case of accidental spillage or for regular weekly or monthly cleanings. Be sure to read the label and follow the instructions exacty .

While vinegar is touted as great household cleaner, it s not recommended to clean marble tile. The acid in vinegar can damage the surface . Soaps, even mild detergents, aren t recommended either. If you renot using a special marble cleaner use warm  water only.

It s not always best to let your tiles air dry . Get a nice fluffy towel, and it to dry the floor thoroughly. it, s important to dry up after you clean marble tiles, they tend to spot and stain if they remain  wet .

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