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You're reading because you want to make a website , right? I'm a web designer and if you were to hire me I would charge you anywhere between £200 and £300 to build a web site. But this article is about how to make a website for far less. But why would I tell you how you can make websites for less?

If you're like the vast majority of people thinking of building a website you don't have a big budget. But a small budget can still buy you a good web site provided you throw other ingredients in the mix as well. Let's look at all the options together.

There are loads of ways to make a website but all of them cost either time or money or both. Don't worry though, there are ways to find the proper balance between them so keep reading.

You can either:..
Hire a professional designer to create a site for you OR
Build the site on your own
and never depend on other people for making websites.

Professional web site design services are outrageously expensive these days. There are, however, cheaper designers out there but the quality of their work is questionable at best. You can avoid paying loads for a website. if you are willing to give it a try yourself. It may seem complicated at first but it really isn't. These tips I'm about to give you will help you get started...

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