How To Make Felt Toy ~ Basic Stitches~French Knot

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French Knot

To start, bring your thread to the front. Hold the thread firmly between your index finger and thumb and away from fabric.

With the needle pointed away from fabric, wrap the thread over and around the needle with your other hand. Wrapping twice will give u a smaller knot, more times will give u a larger one.

Holding the thread taut with in your other hand, turn the needle downward and start to take it to the back a few threads away( If your try to use the same hole, the knot is very likely to pull back through and disappear). With the tip of the needle inside the hole, slide the knot down the needle onto the fabric pulling the thread taut with your other hand at the same time. This is where the tension comes in.If you pull the knot too tightly, the eye of the needle won't fit through the knot as the thread goes to the back. If it's too loose you ll get a sloppy knot that wont lay flat.

Slowly push the needle to the back of the fabric while holding the knot in place under your thumb. Begin to pull the thread through. Continue to pull until the thread disappears under your thumb and is completely pulled through.

Here's what the finished knot looks like:

:P This one is a bit too loose near the fabric.
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