How To Make Money From eBooks On eBay

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Selling eBooks On eBay Is Easy

I'm going to be totally honest here. Selling ebooks on eBay and then burning them to disk is as easy as it gets to make money on eBay. Obviously, before the digital download slap it was even easier. As soon as the transaction was complete your client would either receive:

1. A link directly from ebay via paypal.
2. An automated email from digital delivery software
3. A manual email from the seller.

Now that ebay has changed its policy and we're no longer allowed to send digital products via email, we now have to burn them to disk and send them through snail mail.

Takes Hard Work And Dedication

A lot of people start off with really good intentions but lack the ability to apply themselves. This is a business after all. Believe it or not, your clients are looking for the same service as they receive at their local supermarket. Not only do they want the transaction to be perfect, they expect above average customer service. So, instead of leaving the posting of your new shiney CD's till the weekend, you're going to have to send them out within a matter of a couple days, no joke.

Get Organised

Since this is a business you're going to need to treat it like one. Your going to need:

1. A computer and printer (you probably already have one of those)
2. Plenty of paper or labels to print for postage
3. Either hard-backed envelopes or my choice jiffy bags
4. Workspace where you can operate the business. By saying workspace I mean a clear and sufficient space for you to operate. Even a corner of a room in your house is fine. Nevertheless, you need a seperate space.
5. Blank CDR's and cases
6. Resale right ebooks and software (if you have authored your own even better)

Treat It Like A Business

I've left till last, not because it's not important, but because I want it to stick in your mind. Your main costs are going to be cd's, paper, cases, paypal fees, ebay fees, postage fees, and ink (believe you me you go through a lot of ink which is hardily ever factored into costs).

If you can receive more income than the amount you've paid out, you've got a decent business here, though in order to make some real money your going to need to increase turnover substantially. I'd estimate around 5 - 10 CD's a day to make a decent income after costs.

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