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How To Make Money On eBay

So you have decided that you would like to make money online, and you have decided to start with eBay... Well, congratulations you have made a very wise decision. If you would like to know exactly how to make money on eBay then this guide is the only resource you will need.

You see when it comes to making money online and making money on eBay, they are two very different things.

People search places like google for information, but when they come to eBay and Amazon, they have their credit cards out, their Paypal account linked, and they are ready to shop.
EBay and Amazon are the two largest marketplaces IN THE WORLD and they are filled with HUNGRY BUYERS, not information seekers. When somebody types a search into eBay or Amazon, 99 times out of 100 they are ready to buy that product and more than happy to hand over their money.

In order to make money on eBay you need to know what people want, what people are shopping for, how much they are spending and what share of the market can be yours. I am going to reveal to you EXACTLY how you can calculate what share of the eBay market can be yours, what sort of profit you can expect to make and EXACTLY how many sales you can make on both eBay and Amazon before you begin doing anything else.

I have had many so called sale experts tell me that they are so good at sales, they can sell ice to Eskimos... Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but being able to sell ice to Eskimos does not make you a very good sales person, in fact quite the opposite. You see selling ice to Eskimos is hard work, it is draining, it requires work, effort, time, a great presentation, trial closes, hard closes, guarantees, etc etc. Not only that you then have to deal with buyers remorse, these Eskimos are going to figure out that they have been sold something that they never had any need for, never really wanted and can't really use, so they are going to ask for their money back, and all your hard work is going to go out the window....

Now cue the truly good salesperson, they don't try to sell something that people don't want or need, instead they take a look at the market place, they assess exactly what people are looking for, they know exactly what people are spending their money on, they have an understanding of what the hungry buyers are literally gagging for and they simply position themselves in the market place so that they are the ones providing this product/good/service etc.
What happens now is this smart sales person is literally just taking orders as a flood of eager shoppers are fighting each other to get to the front of the queue to hand over their money without a second thought and are so grateful for the opportunity to get their hands on their purchase... and so the cycle continues...

Now who do you think makes more money out of these two situations, and who is the best sales person?
Do you think it is the salesperson that tries to sell ice to Eskimos or do you think it is the salesperson that is giving the marketplace exactly what it wants? 

Now that you understand that principle, the next thing for you to do is to know your enemy.

You see when it comes to making money on eBay you have to understand that every person that has an eBay account has just as much opportunity to make big money as anyone with an eBay account.
On eBay the playing field is completely level, the small fish can have an eBay store front that looks as impressive as a large corporation. You see, what you have to understand about making money on eBay and making money online is your web presence is your virtual store front, it is your first point of contact with your buyers, and first impressions count. You have to take the time to create a virtual storefront that is not only pleasing to the eye, it needs to be professional, easy to navigate, easy to read, you need to have benefit driven headlines, professional looking images, well thought out copy calls to action and clear and concise descriptions of the product you are trying to sell.

Every shopper out there want to know what they are getting for their money, if you can convey this to them in such a way that the only question they have left after reading your sales copy is, "where is the buy it now button?" then you are going to make an absolute killing online.

In my experience I have found that when it comes to making money on eBay and Amazon, the single best thing you can do is be honest with your buyer, be as descriptive as you can with your product description, list everything you can, but when you do, you have to remember to: 
What does this mean you might be asking?
Well it is really quite simple, when it comes to making money on eBay, you want your buyer to mentally and virtually experience their emotions, their joys and pleasures of already owning the product. So here is an example.

You want to sell an iPod, instead of just saying listen to music with your iPod, try to sell the benefits such as:
We all know that music feeds the soul, soothing sound can lift your mood, enhance your life, energize you and fill your life with passion.
Imagine how you are going to feel when you pop those little ear buds in and the sound track of your life plays in the background no matter where you are, day or night. Imagine your energy levels peaking as the boat lifts your mood and carries you along creating an ambience that is yours to control and change with a mere gesture of your hand....

You get the idea here, now try to remember that when it comes to creating good copy you want your product to have the end user already using it, you want the product to come across as taking care of the work load already. Take these two examples which will help illustrate my point.

Put Music In Your Life!

Now look at this one:
Puts Music In Your Life!

You see although they are both very similar and the only thing different in these two sentences it an s after the word put, you can see that in the second example that the word "puts"creates a feeling for the reader that the work has already been done, the product has taken care of the job, one does not have to do anything, the iPod does all the work... do you see it.

So when it comes to writing copy, try to find the "puts"in everything.

Now I could go on and on, writing away to my heart's content and try to teach you how to make money on eBay and How to make money online in one guide, but it would be pages and pages long, so instead of that, I have created an online presentation and a FREE webinar event that I would like to invite you to that will literally show you step by step exactly how to make money on Ebay and Amazon.

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