How To Marry For Less!! (BzzAgent ShonaHannah)

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So I was asked to do my first Ebay Guide as I am a BzzAgent!! and here goes!!

 I got married in 2011 and it didn't cost me a fortune at all!! heres how we did it....

Registry Office-if you look around at different ones,some are not bog standard office in a council,building and can be really beautiful!

THE Dress-I was lucky enough to find my dream dress locally for sale,an absolute bargain,but I can honestly say that with helping friends recently shop for their own weddings I have seen and witnessed how stunning some dresses can be from Ebay! I would proceed with caution with dresses being specifically tailored to suit you,give plenty of notice for any alterations etc needed,but ones already made have been lovely so far!

Kilts-I chose the tartan I wanted locally and then shopped online for the kilts for my husband and sons.we chose the jacobite shirt too then jackets and waistcoats and cravats weren't needed! the socks were bought brand new from the kilt shop and shoes in sales around our town

Flowers-I was lucky to have my bouquet,bridesmaid bouquet and the flowers the men wore bought for me as a wedding present from my parents,however again I have been helping friends who are looking at silk flower bouquets with gems etc and its not gonna cost a lot to make and hand tie them!

Meal-we worked with the owners of our favourite resturaunt to create a 3 course wedding meal which they happily did,and provided our own table decorations-they even screened off a section so we had our own private area!
EveningReception -again we used our favourite bar who had a function room and used a dj they recommended who charges lower prices for receptions held at that venue,we provided our own decorations again and set the whole place up ourselves the night before! our buffet was cooked/made by family and friends who then brought it along with them! we also provided 'thank you' bouquets to the mums that were put together made of silk flowers,ribbon and cellophane,a forever keepsake they still treasure to this day!

I think ive covered most things,now I don't mean to sound like im rambling but I can honestly say my favours and decorations all came from Ebay!! most suppliers are more than happy to send samples of colours and styles,and the rest of my decorations I watched videos on youtube to learn (how to make paper pompoms for example) I truly believe that things dont have to cost the world,if I can cut prices and still get the style I want then im gonna do it!! 

I hope this has been of use to someone! any questions please feel free to ask :) Shona xx

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