How To Measure For Blinds

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Not sure how to measure for your new blinds?

Let us help you with this short roller blind measuring guide.

First of all you will need the following tools:

1 - A Metal Tape Measure
2 - A Note Pad and Pen

Measuring Instructions:
Inside Recess:

1. Measure the top, middle and bottom opening of the window and take a note of the smallest measurement. see Fig.1
This will give us the overall width of the window and also the width of the blind.


The reason we take the smallest measurement is that we don't want the blind catch when rolled up or down.

2. Next we measure the opening from top to bottom and make a note of the measurement. see Fig.2
This will give us the overall drop of the window and also the drop of the blind.


Other things to take into account:

Outside Recess:

  • If you would like the blind to fit outside the recess you will need to decide how far you would like the blind to overhang the opening by.
We recommend that it should overhang by a minimum of 1.5 inches each side so the total would be 3 inches added onto the total width of the recess.

The recess is: 24" x 60" drop. So for an Outside recess fit it would be 27" x 63"drop

  • You do not need to make any deductions from the measurements when ordering from us as we will do this for you.
All we need are the exact measurements of your window and your blinds will be made to perfection.

We hope you found this measuring guide helpful.

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