How To Measure Your Boy For Suits

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A video guide on measuring boys suits.

Our vast collection of boys suits offer a range of styles and fits to complement most builds. In aid to this we offer individual size guides which can be found in each listing. This useful and simple video guide shows you how to take your boys measurements accurately to be sure of a flawless fit.

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Watch our measuring guide

In this short video we show the most important measurements when buying your boy a suit.

Sleeve Length

To begin with you will need to take your boys sleeve measurement. Start by placing the end of your measuring tape on the tip of his shoulder bone and bring it straight down to the wrist, ensuring the tape stays completely straight. 

Jacket Length

Next is the jacket length. Take this measurement by placing your tape at the nape of his neck and bring it straight down to where you would like the jacket hem to stop. This will differ depending on if you are looking to purchase a standard jacket or tail suit. Standard jackets sit just below the buttocks whereas tail jackets are longer and sit between mid-thigh and knees.

Chest Size

Once you have done this, it’s time to measure the chest. Find this size by wrapping your tape around the torso - below the armpit and above the nipple line. Make sure the measuring tape is completely straight all the way around for accuracy.

Waist Size

The waist measurement is similar to the chest, only lower down. Wrap the measuring tape around his waistline ensuring you are above the hips. Again, try to keep the tape as straight as you can.

Leg Measurements

Once this is done, it’s just the leg measurements left to measure. The inside leg measurement is obtained by placing the measuring tape just below the groin. Follow the tape straight down to the top of the foot. The outside leg measurement starts from the waist and again measures straight down to the top of the foot.

It's understandable that some little boys can be quite fidgety when it comes to being measured, which makes it difficult to obtain an accurate measurement. You can always measure his best fitting clothes if this is the case. It’s advisable to use his best fitting school shirt, trousers, and blazer if available, as they are generally the same cut and fit as formal attire.

Please bear in mind that the measurements we take are of the suits themselves. You may wish to consider leaving some room to allow your child to move around more freely and comfortably. 

Now you've got your boys measurements - it's time to find his suit! Visit our ever expanding collection of  boys suits where you can find a striking range of styles and fits

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