How To Measure Your Dog For A Perfect Bed

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We get asked regularly what size of bed is best for any given breed of dog. Whether space is tight and you don't want to get a bed that's too big, or your concerned about getting a bed that's too small, there's a really easy way the get the size of your bed just right.
  • Ensure your pooch is in a laying position, as is if it were snoozing in a comfy bed.
  • Measure from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose like in the image (or from nose to tail if you prefer).
  • Add a little bit for wriggling, 10 to 25% should be fine for an adult dog but add extra to allow for growth if you have a puppy.
You can use a calculator to add the wriggle room if you like. If your dog is 40cm type into the calculator:

40 x 1.1 = This will give you the answer of 44, this should be the minimum size
40 x 1.25 = This will give you the answer of 50, there's no need to go bigger than this

In this example, to find your perfect bed you need to find a bed somewhere between 44 and 50cm.
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