How To Not Get Ripped Off On Ebay

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We have all heard horror stories of people paying for items and never seeing them or their money again, this is in no way a dead cert to not getting conned but will help quite a few people.

This is very simple but very effective, once you have won the auction always fill in the "Request user information" form.

Ebay users have to register and keep up to date contact information, if they do not they will get suspended or banned from ebay.

This shows you how to check the users info,telephone number address etc, if it is not the same as the address you are supposed to send the money to or the telephone number is incorrect or not theirs then do not pay for your item until this is sorted, tell ebay immediatley as they can force the seller to update the information straight away.

This is easy to do:-

1) Click the "help" bar at the top of the ebay page.

2) Type in "Contact Information" , then hit the "search help" button.

3) The sixth item down says "request contact information", click this.

4) The first line reads - Be certain about your sellers' identity by requesting their contact information directly from eBay, click the underlined "contact information".

5) The fourth block down is entitled " CONTACT INFO", just type in your sellers username and item number in the appropriate boxes and this will provide you with a contact telephone number,  just ring it and check out they are who they say they are, If you are still not sure, ask if you can bring cash and collect the item and from which address (even if you have no intention of doing so), this is always a good way to see if the seller is genuine.

I hope this helps, even if it stops one honest buyer being ripped off then it was worth my time.

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