How To Order The Correct Size Every Time

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What size are you?

A 10 a 16?   I vary between a size 10 and size 22 yes I have all these sizes in my wardrobe and they all fit me the same.  I once ordered a XXL dress from china and had to give it to my friend who is a size 8 guess what it fitted her like a glove!  It wasn't so bad she bought a size 10 and I now wear it at 16 stone!
So ladies we really do not have a size yes we are all XXL somewhere and size 10 somewhere else there,s only one way your going to get the right size every time measure measure measure.  Yes

Measure your chest at the biggest part
Your waist at the narrowrist part
Your hips at the widest part
From your groin to the top of your shoes  just like a man the inside leg measurement!

Write the measurements down and carry a tape measure with you, before you buy yes measure measure measure.
When you buy online some places have the handy measurement charts, yes I know what your going to say why don't I have that at the boutique.  Simply I have clothes from many different manufacturers.  So never be afraid to ask me to measure measure measure for you.  I want you to be as satisfied with your purchase as I am to know you look at yourself in the mirror and smile "it fits like a glove"

So ladies measure measure measure.
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