How To Play / WIN / Cheat At Poker! Make Some Money!

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Some things can be fixed that aren't strictly broken--a poker game, for instance. The following trick is known among professionals as the cold deck. Rent a video of The Sting, put on your best poker face and put in the fix. Now, do we need to say it? Don't be a fool. This is a fun gimmick to play on your friends, but don't try it in a real casino. You won't win enough to cover your bail.
1.   Arrange to meet three friends for poker. This trick depends on knowing in advance the number of players who will be present. 
2.   Buy two identical decks of cards. Leave the first deck unopened. Open the second deck and remove the jokers and any other unnecessary cards. 
3.   Separate this second deck into stacks of four so that all the aces are together, all the kings are together, and so on. Leave the individual stacks facing up. 
4.   Visualize yourself as the dealer. Every fourth card from the deck will land in your hand. The idea is to arrange the deck so that every fourth card will come together to form a winning hand. 
5.   Select a random low card. Place it as the first card in the deck. 
6.   Continue selecting cards for the second and third spots. Now pick an ace for the fourth spot. 
7.   Continue stacking cards in the deck, making sure you don't provide any matching cards for the other players. Four aces for yourself might be too obvious. Try a full house with three aces and two queens. 
8.   Shuffle the remaining cards together and place them on the bottom of the deck. Hide this deck in a pocket. 
9.   Arrive at the game and bring out the unopened deck. Pass it to another player and begin the game. Until it is your turn to deal, you will be playing with the unaltered deck. 
10.   As your turn to deal approaches, palm the secret deck in your left hand. Bring the current deck to you with your right hand and drop it into your lap as you bring your left hand onto the table. Practice this move before the game. If you can get your friends to leave the table for a beer, even better. 
11.   Begin play with the new deck and collect your fortune. 
  Overall Tips: 
 If you get caught at playing this trick, you will look like a cheat. Tip off one friend ahead of time that you will be playing a joke during the game. 
 Overall Warnings: 
 Cheating your friends is not nice. Give them their money back.

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