How To Prepare Green Tea

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Green Tea Preparation

1. Use fresh cold water - let the cold tap run for a while first to avoid flat-tasting tea. Never make green or any other tea with water from the hot tap.

2. While the water is heating, get the tea, pot and cups ready. We suggest using a glass cup or glass teapot to make Green Teas. Of course you may use porcelain, ceramic or any other material. A tall glass can be used, a larger cup is preferable to a small one. 

3. Warm the glass, pot or cup you are using to brew the tea by filling it with hot water. This is optional.

4. Just before the water hits 80 - 90 degrees in the kettle (just before it comes to the boil), empty the warm water from the brew vessel and add tea lesves to it. One or two tea spoons per 500 ml or one tea spoon per cup. Too much will make the tea bitter but you will find the best quantity for your taste by experimenting.

5. An optional step before adding the hot water to tea is called 'rinsing the tea leaves'. After the tea leaves have been added to the brewing vessel, pour in a little hot, almost boiling water and drain it off immediately. This is an optional step. 

6. Finally, don't use boiling water, but pour the 80 - 90 degrees water from the kettle onto the leaves to the half full level and cover with some sort of lid. If the water boils, just wait a couple of minutes before pouring into the cup, perhaps open the kettle lid so the water will cool off faster.

7. After 3 to 4 minutes, add a little more hot water and pour the tea into another cup through a strainer. It is now the perfect time to drink it, or if you brewed your tea in a cup rather than a pot, you may let the tea leaves settle in the bottom of the original cup and drink it.

8. Simply to let the tea leaves settle in the bottom is absolutely fine, and you can watch and enjoy the 'blossoming of the tea garden' in your cup as the leaves unfurl and expand. 

9. The best tea is made by infusing for a short time rather than steeping for a longer period. Very fine tea needs an extremely short time.

10. Never use cream or sugar. The tannin causes cream to curdle. 

11. Don’t let the tea stand with the leaves in a the water for too long period as it makes it too dark or will make the teas too strong and bitter. 

12. You can re-use the leaves to make a second infusion. Many people say the second infusion is the nicest.

13. It is possible to re-use the leaves again three or four times.
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