How To Promote and Market Your eBay Listings for FREE

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So you've created a killer listing - just like how they've told you - and probably revised it a couple of times, but you keep staring and the counter and nothing happens; no views, no buyers. Well no fear, this guide will inform you how to reach your customers - they are out there.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Use keywords in your item titles and descriptions. Know what people will be typing into the search box. Know your product. Know how much people have bought a similar product for. Just know.

THE RIGHT TIME. List your item on a Sunday, between 6-9pm. This is the time when most people are online at home. More people will see your listing as it ends, and hopefully bid/buy.

SPREAD IT. Facebook, Twitter, Wordpess...these sites are made for promoting. Post your listing on the Facebook page for eBay and watch how many viewers you get in an instant. Tweeting is very advisble - use hash tags (#) and links to get to your customers. See what's trending on Twitter and sell something related. You should also try making a leaflet and putting it in a supermarket like Tesco (they always have a community board sort of thing, just look for it). Not many people use this although if you think of the number of buyers in a shop... they could be your buyers.

Make sure your customers are happy and NEVER lie to them. Don't always try and look for new customers, email them on new offers and if they liked the service before, they are more than likey to return. Basically, when you list something, ask yourself, if you were someone else...would you buy it?

That's all I have for now, but I'll be sure to add some more tips. Please CHECK OUT my fashion items for sale HERE and follow @WaddupKilljoy for the latest.

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