How To Reset An OBC (On Board Computer) MINI R56 JCW

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How To Reset An OBC (On Board Computer) On A MINI R56


I have used this info to set some parameters on my MINI R56 when I changed the brake pads.

Please note : I accept NO responsibility for this.

To enter the service menu -

Close all doors

Insert the key

DO NOT press the clutch or brake

Press the Start Button

Wait until the car / relevant service symbol disappears on the rev counter display

Immediately after the symbol goes out, press and hold both buttons on the rev counter

Continue to hold, the system will run a dash light check and both speedo and rev counter needles will do a slow full sweep

Continue to hold

Display will show VIN menu, continue to hold through this until the time re-appears on the display

Now release only the right hand button (trip reset) for about a second then press and hold again (while holding the left hand button)

After a second or two the display will show the front brake symbol

You are now in the Service Menu

Use the BC (on the end of the left hand stalk) to scroll through the relevant symbols

To reset a warning indicator - Press and hold the BC button at the  relevant symbol until reset appears, then press and hold again until the process is complete

Turn the ignition off and and on and the warning should now have gone

There is a YouTube video on how to do this. If you search

'Mini Cooper Reset Service Indicator Procedure'


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