How To Reset MP4 Player To Show Correct Size In XP

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This guide is a follow on from my previous guide with regards to an MP4 Player from Hong Kong that I purchased that was supposed to be 4GB and turned out to be 1GB.

I also have this guide with larger and clearer images included and also additional screenshots of Testdisk as a MS Word Doc and can send by e-mail on request.

Hopefully you have read my previous guide and have determined which chip is inside your MP4 Player.

Here is how I reset the player to show as 1GB but PLEASE NOTE that you do this at your own risk.

I have reset 2 players out of 2 successfully and this process does not affect the firmware in the player whatsoever.

First of all you need to download a program called Testdisk from cgsecurity, which is a free disk recovery tool and can be found by typing Testdisk cgsecurity in your search engine bar.

Extract the files onto your desktop and double click folder testdisk-6.5 and then double click folder named WIN.

Then double click file name testdisk_win.exe to run the program.


Select CREATE and press enter.

Then highlight the correct disk using the arrow keys which in my case was:- Disk /dev/sdd – 4285 MB / 4086 MiB. Make sure PROCEED is selected at the bottom and press enter.

Now select INTEL (Intel/PC Partition) and press enter.

Now select MBR CODE (Write Testdisk MBR code to first sector) and press enter.

Now press Y to write a new copy of MBR code to first sector.

Now press Y to confirm to write a new copy of MBR code to first sector.

Will then say a New copy of the MBR Code has been written and to reboot for changes to take effect. Press enter to select OK and close the Testdisk program.

Now unplug the MP4 player from the USB and plug back in again.

Now you will see the following message if you click on the MP4 player Drive. Click Cancel.

Now click Start/Control Panel and Double Click Administrative Tools.

Now Double Click Computer Management.

Now click Disk Management and wait until Disk Configuration information is loaded. Scroll down on bottom right until you see your MP4 player and Right Click on the Unallocated section and select New Partition.

Will open a new window that displays Welcome To The New Partition Wizard and click NEXT.

Click Next again.

Then NEXT again.

Then NEXT again.

Drop down the file system and select FAT32 and then click NEXT.

Now click FINISH.

Your MP4 player should now show as the correct size in windows and no more file errors!

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Feel free to e-mail me with any questions and I will gladly help.

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