How To Reset VW Audi Seat Service / Inspection Light

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Firstly, take a look at your OWNERS HANDBOOK!!

If you don't have one, do a "Google" search, or visit one of the many VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda forums where you will find a wealth of information - for FREE!

DO NOT buy from LAZY ebay sellers who make money from selling this FREE information! I've also noticed since writing this FREE guide, there are more 99p auctions popping up - probably selling a link to this guide! What's more, these lazy tossers are voting this FREE guide as unhelpful! lol

These muppets will rip you off for a few quid selling you a few lines of information copied & pasted from a forum - or even this very guide, or just a quick note directing you to the relavent page in your handbook! This information cost's nothing - not only that, they won't even guarantee it'll work!

Others try to sell you a "tool" which plugs into your OBD port... okay, plug in & press a button may be quick, but why pay around £30 for equipment you don't need?!

Examples of this is "unlocking dealer information on your climate control unit" or "How to re-set your service or inspection light".

Why pay upwards of £4 for this FREE information? Get the information yourself, for nothing! You are very likely to find whatever you are looking for on a car related forum - or even the OWNER's MANUAL you had with the car!

For example, "top secret dealer information" such as finding fault codes, re-setting the service light, displaying your speed, rpm, and various temperatures etc. on you climate control screen can be found easily, and takes only a couple of minutes to perform yourself!

Anyway, the FREE guide: How to reset the service indicator on your 1M1 Seat Leon (Mk1): Information readily available on Seat Forums AND your owner's Manual - Page 2.12, Chapter 7 - Service Interval Indicator

Switch ignition off

Press and hold the odometer trip reset button (next to the speedometer)

With the button still pressed, turn ignition on (do not start engine) 

You will see "SERVICE" appear on the display.

Turn the button to the right (clockwise) for about 5 seconds

The display will then return to normal mode - all done!


Unlocking the "secrets" within your climate control panel:

Press and hold the recirculation button. Then press the manual flow control up arrow.  You should see a 1c. Press the temperature up ("+") or down ("-") buttons to select a code number.  Then press the recirculation button again.   The value should display.  Press the temperature up or down button again to display another code.

Most popular ones are 17c (vehicle speed in km/h) and 27c (engine revs)

One place to find such information on the Seat Leon, Toledo & Ibiza is "Seat Cupra (dot) net" (See my "me" page for a link)

There are many other forums around for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda - and indeed any other make or model of car. These are the places the sellers get their FREE information - CAR FORUMS, a wealth of knowledge from thousands of enthusiasts who know their cars inside out!

If you can't find what you're looking for, all you have to do is ask - someone will know!

If you found this free information on how to obtain free information useful, vote YES!

Obviously, LAZY money grabbing scammers selling this FREE information will not like it... as you can tell from all the 'no' votes which have appeared this afternoon (along with all the other 'no votes' on my other guides... tossers!)  I see one of the sellers of this FREE information even has a "best offer" on his 99p auctions now! Can't even give it away! lol

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