How To Save Money By Hosting Your own eBay Images

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If you have multiple adverts or ads with lots of pictures the eBay costs can mount up. You can host your pictures on your own website or webspace to save money. It's a little fiddly at first but once you've done it a few times, it's fairly easy. My ISP (Virgin Media NTL) allows 55Mb of webspace. This is plenty for my images. Here's how to set it up.

Import your pictures into your PC as normal. Crop and adjust them using your favorite Graphics Editor. Save as "jpg". You need to make sure the size is no more than 50K, and about 400 x 300 pixels. This is done for the benefit of slower modem users. Big images take a long time to load. If your pictures are fine straight from the camera, you can use " VSO Image Resizer" (free) to reduce their size. If your pictures are special, you can "Watermark" them with your name or logo. I suggest " Picture Shark" (Free).

OK, now you have some good images of your Car for sale etc. You need to upload them to your Webspace. First, get an FTP program. A good free one is " Core FTP LE". Next, you need your email Login and Password. Sometimes the ftp login is different to this. Please check with your Internet Service Provider. Lastly you need to know the Remote Directory name where to upload your pictures to. This is something like "/" or "upload" or "/public_html". With these three bits of information, create a new ftp profile and enter into the FTP program and upload your photos. The images should now be visible in your Internet Browser. Make a note of the whole path name of each one including the http://.

Some systems are case sensitive so copy yours exactly.

Now the last bit. Create your advert in eBay Turbo Lister as normal. I suggest upload only ONE image to eBay as one image is free, more are chargeable.

In Turbo Lister, hit "Edit -> Pictures and Descriptions". Click the "Customise" button and check "Self-hosted pictures". You can now enter the complete URL of each image (as you copied above). Tick the "Optimise" button and hit OK. There is room for 12 images.

You should now see your pictures in the advert. That's It!

I usually check "Gallery" and Image 1 will be used for this.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I'll try to answer.
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