How To Sell A Personalised Cherished Number Plate

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Can Anyone Sell A Personalised Cherished Number Plate?

First and foremost you need to establish whether the registration mark can participate under the cherished transfer scheme.

If the registration mark is on a vehicle then the vehicle will need to be currently taxed and (if applicable - i.e 3 years or older) have a current M.O.T certificate. If the vehicle has been declared S.O.R.N (Statutory Off Road Notification) it can still participate under the cherished transfer scheme within the first 12 months from the date of declaration.

If the registration mark is on V750 Certificate of Entitlement or V778 Retention Document please ensure it is valid and that you are either the said Purchaser or Grantee.

How Much Is My Personalised Cherished Number Plate Worth?

Once you have established that the registration mark is eligible to participate under the cherished transfer scheme you will need to distinguish the registration marks value.

If you have no understanding or very little knowledge of how a registration mark is valued you should obtain a FREE valuation from a professional number plate dealer such as ourselves (

Where Should I Advertise My Personalised Cherished Number Plate?

Traditionally the most conventional way to get your personalised registration mark advertised and sold would be through a professional number plate dealer such as ourselves ( Using a professional number plate dealer is no different to listing your property with an estate agent whereby the agent/dealer would advertise the registration mark until sold and complete all necessary legal documentation with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency on your behalf for a commission. This method is usually the most cost-effective as you are not required to spend any money on advertising and therefore you can sit back whilst a professional takes care of everything.

Depending on who you advertise your personalised registration mark with some private number plate dealers may overprice your registration mark just to win your approval to advertise on a commission. Unfortunately, this deters buyers which results with no offers or enquiries and ultimately no sale.

You can advertise privately through many motoring publications throughout the UK or any specialist classified sites that will allow private advertisers for personalised cherished number plates. The benefit of advertising privately will mean that you will be in full control of the sale answering any enquiries and also facilitating all the relevant paperwork to complete the transaction. Remember to be careful in the respect that you will not be protected should any problems arise such as fraud or a vicious scam to release you of your private number plate. Depending on the value of the transaction it would be best to use a solicitor as a trusted third-party to handle the release of monies and finalise the deal but again could prove costly.


If you are in need of selling your personalised cherished number plate please remember to visit us ( as we buy quality dateless number plates for cash.

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