How To Sell Airgun parts and spares

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How To Sell Airgun and Pneumatic weapon parts and spares

Here are some bullet points you will need to read up on and take note of before you list any Airgun parts or accessories on ebay whether they be as a buy it now item or an auction item.

Firstly read the ebay policy about firearms and make sure you understand and comply with the rules, breaking them or trying to find ways around them will only hinder the sport and the accessibility to purchase spare or replacement parts for your firearm.

Just as important and the above is to read the latest Airgunning & FAC laws taking note of the additional VCR Act that is in place for the UK.

So if your up to date with what you can sell and what you cant here's what you should make sure you do with you listing and obviously what no to do!

Never sell or try to sell a complete Airgun, same applies to a whole action (Eg: barrel with main tube and piston all in place). Instead break the whole lot down into individual components and sell each part individually, that may sound tedious but its within the law ("NOT BARRELS" They must be sent to a local RFD for collection by the buyer or sold to a RFD for parts as repair ONLY), as said may be tedious and more costly initially but there are lots of buyers out there that want the trigger blade or spring rather than the whole block, you have just as much chance of selling the genuine "washer" or "nut" as selling a assembled object, not taking postage costs into consideration just yet but with the individual listings alone there is more profit to be made, and sales on ebay equate to starts and a good reputation.

You will also need to arrange the correct method of postage, the Royal Mail will refuse to accept firearms and components for shipping.

Always compensate for postage & shipping costs in your listing.
Always add a description to your listing that you are not selling a firearm or a complete firearm and that the part you are selling can not fire any projectile, ebay do read your listings before removing them if required or found to be breaking their policy.

Always make sure your items are safe in every way. that no springs or sears are under tension or compression.

Make sure you report any listing you see on ebay where a whole working weapon is being sold or trying to be sold.

Most metal parts should be well lubricated prior to dispatch, if your item gets a rough  deal in the shipping process and any water or condensation gets to your metal parts they may rust, even in a space of 2-5 days, lubrication such as greases or light oils will prevent an upset and angry buyer who has seen a neat looking item from your image in your listing and then received a muddy brown rusty part!

Do make sure you upload the actually image of what you are selling, not an image you have sourced from google images! as an example you may be selling a Webley Vulcan wood rifle stock and have opted to get a google image for your listing but take note that you may have a different version or model (Eg: MK 1, MK2, MK3) and that with most stocks (neutral or natural grained) the and each stock will differ, if you have a nice grain a buyer will pick up on this and may be willing to pay that extra bit more for a nicer or rarer looking stock.

If you are selling worn or damaged parts, tell the buyers in your listing.

Know your stuff, You can not list and FAC rated parts on ebay

If you need to sell a whole airgun whether it be a pistol or rifle I strongly suggest a different market place,
Source a market place via google, I suggest the well known site known as Gunstar.

Try to always use paypal or cash on collection by any person over the age requirement for sales of this type!

Know that there is a huge difference between Air Soft and Airguns, almost all airsoft parts are not compatible with airguns, this includes sighting systems as recoil may damage any airsoft part mounted for usage on an airgun.

Know your competition, search ebay for related parts to compete with prices and services, there are power sellers like J S Ramsbottom that are well known, and sell real quality goods at bargain basement prices.

Know and state the caliber, this is also applicable to cylinders, piston and springs. a .177 caliber spring is not suited to a .22 caliber weapon and combining both may result in the seller owning a over 12ft/lbs illegal firearm! "it may not be your problem until the police get involved or the buyer gets back to you with problems!"

If in doubt, Ask! there are lots of frequent and returning sellers of this type of material, if you have any questions about selling your item ask another seller, "Hey, you can drop me a question anytime"

That's about it for the "most" General stuff, just do not skip reading the ebay policy and the laws on airguns including the VCR act.

Good luck, stay safe and encourage the sporting world of Airgunning! (before it disappears).

Ps. Remember it is law breakers that are implicating and encouraging (more and more) the strong restrictions to this sport in this country, If you make sure you are not one of them you are helping this past time live on.


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