How To Sell Hunting, Fishing And Shooting Gear On Ebay

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Hello there fellow ebayers and guide readers. This guide will effectively help you sell sporting goods for the following three sports, fishing, hunting and shooting.

Every year thousands and thousands of pounds are lost due to inaccurate descriptions and wronged or misleading information. With a quick change enforced in the way you sell your items, you could see, as i have personally witnessed on my own seller account, a payload and a large increase in sales and Ebay traffic.
lets say you have a product like "a rifle bag" the usual ebay dummy would list this item as "A GUN BAG". straight away this deters traffic and potential customers due to the buyer not being able to see specifics. As we sporty people know, not every gun or rod are the same length, or thickness, or fire the same round and take the same line etc. Therefore these specifics have to be catered for. If you follow this simple rule for the title, a significant boost in potential buyers will be achieved. try to remember its not how good the item is, its how it is advertised to the audience. The main ideology behind the TITLE is to turn the audience from "passive" to "active" by where they become fully engaged in your product. A simple title change, with a more direct and specific element will lead to a significant increase in custom.
Images and photos are really important, they showcase the product as i is sitting in storage, When selling an item a clear and visible photograph is needed to showcase the product in a professional manner. It is no good having a passer by walking into the shot, or having kitchen accessories, or higher value items left in the image. This can mislead the buyer and they could potentially argue that you the "seller" were selling everything depicted in the image, resulting in a failed transaction, loss of earnings or the worst an ebay case which ruins your reputation as a seller, decreasing your potential earnings.
Always make sure your target the correct categories for your item. This is mainly common sense as you wouldn't expect a ghille suit, or a cartridge bag to be knocking around in the kitchen accessories section. You may laugh but this is a common mistake made by ebay rookies. If you have the right category you are targeting a specific audience and therefore will increase your chances of a direct sale to a customer specifically searching for items such as yours.

Finally, decide whether your product is high end or to be sold in a large quantity for a smaller price. These are the two main marketing strategies employed by major businesses and its also how they make their fortunes. Penetration pricing is by far the most effective pricing method if you want to shift a large quantity items in a short space of time. But, however premium pricing is also an ingenious method as this allows you to take a low priced product that is really fit for purpose and is really good quality for the price you paid and sell them as high end merchandise. This will rake in a lot of profit, but you will sell less, thus leaving you with two options for point of sale.
A. sell a large quantity at a low price 
B. sell a small quantity at a high price but make enough money to cover the sale of 5 lower priced items in one transaction.

A good example of a listing is one from my very own ebay store. This is an example of a gun bag i buy in at a good price and make maybe £2.00 on each sale, but it turns a lot of money over, when you have 150 returning customers weekly.

Thank You for reading my guide to selling specific sporting goods on ebay.
if you have any questions, all will be answered if you email me at the address below 

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