How To Sell On eBay - Beginners Guide

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This guide is aimed specifically at people new to selling on eBay. Does this sound like you? Maybe you have friends and family who sell unwanted items on eBay regularly? Or maybe you know someone who's turned it into a money making business? Either way I'll walk you through 4 steps that'll help you significantly!


1. Sell What You Know

Whether you're considering turning this into a business in the long run or not, it's miles easier to sell what you know. Lets put it this way. Why do you think companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft ALWAYS sell successfully and continue to grow per year? I'll break it down for you
  • They're selling what they know
  • They know how to sell it
  • There's nothing they DON'T know about the product
  • They're passionate about the product/products
  • They can describe the product and why it'll benefit you EASILY

Now as for you, what products do you like most? What products do you absolutely love? Do you know it inside out? For example, I LOVE technology such as Mobile phones, so what do i do? I SELL mobile phones! Why? Because I know mobile phones inside out, I know how features work, what MP camera they are etc. And I can describe what I sell very well because of the knowledge I have. So IF a buyer has any specific questions I can easily answer it. If you love fashion, sell it. If you're into toys or video games and like the thought of selling it, do it! 

2. Research Heavily

Ya see, the thing with eBay is certain things sell WELL and EASILY, where as some things are crowded or non existent. When you search for whatever item you wanna sell, look for the option that says "completed listings" or "sold items" this'll tell you how many items have sold successfully recently. Items that have sold will be highlighted in green. A good example is when you search for an IPhone 4S, you'll see many have sold recently so it's obviously a very popular product. But bare in mind just cause it's popular doesn't mean the sell through rate is high also. 

3. Be 100% Honest

Don't bother listing something as NEW on eBay if you know full well it's used or even worse. You'll suffer for this in the long run if you expect to sell at least occasionally on eBay. You'll receive tons of negative feedback, and before you know it.... eBay will of banned you entirely. If say the phone you're selling has a scratch, then mention that. You'll be rewarded MASSIVELY for your honesty, trust me. It's one of the keys to succeeding on eBay.

4. Dispatch Your Items Quickly

You have to put yourself in the buyers position, better yet, think about how impatient you can be when YOU'RE buying something! When you buy things through online outlets, you expect your item to be dispatched quickly. You don't wanna be waiting for 10 days for your item to be dispatched because that's not very professional, it's also a waste of your time. When selling, keep this in mind! Dispatch within 1 - 2 working days and choose a decent delivery option to make sure the product arrives quickly.

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