How To Sell on eBay - Ten Top Tips

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I am an individual with over 1,200 feedback on eBay and have gained experience along the way so you can (mostly!) trust what I write. This handy top ten guide aims to make listing and selling on eBay much more successful and hopefully easier.


Here is the top ten for selling on eBay:


1. Make sure the item you are selling is well photographed!

Photography is key on eBay, with some items selling for half of what they should just because they are poorly photographed.

If you don't have any white walls to take the photo against try the bath or for larger items against the largest wall in your home.

Make sure the photo is bright with the lights on and a lamp if needed.


Show areas of detail or interest and an overall photo.


2. Title!

The title is how people will locate your listing so include all the key words you can think of relating to your item.

If it's a make put that first or if it's antique then put the year or period too.

Material and colour can be useful in the search too.


3. Subtitle if valuable

If your item is particularly valuable or you are setting a high start price (£50+) then you might want to put a subtitle.

This is searchable like the listing title so put a useful description here.


4. Fill in all categories

On the eBay listing page try to fill in as many categories as you can - buyers can search and sort by categories so you want your item as visible as possible.


5. Choose the best photo for the cover photo

This might not always be the overall shot - sometimes a pretty detail, a brand label or a descriptive image can be more useful.

This is especially true if the item isn't in the best of condition - show the best bit on the cover photo so buyers click on your listing.


6. Describe accurately and sell your item

No one else is going to sell your item for you so you need to make sure you do.

Describe as accurately as possible with material, age, colour and dimensions (H, W, L).

The more accurate you are the more likely a buyer will trust your listing.

Also describe the item and sell it's best points.

EG: 'The plate has an especially pretty design with lovely pink flowers and gilt detailing. It is of very fine quality and ideal for a collector due to it's excellent condition'.


7. Set a reasonable price

Don't start too low or too high.

This bit is important as people will rarely bother to click on your listing if the price is too high.

See what else is for sale on eBay and set the price accordingly.

Sometimes undercutting by a few pounds can help and in cases of valuable or collected items a low starting price is ideal if you know they sell well eg Coins

Often auction is the way forward as Buy I Now requires you to know the exact value of your item - you don't want to undersell!


8. Set a wise listing time

Schedule the time at a cost of 6p - it's worth it especially if you are listing a few things.

Times around 7-8 o'clock often work best with buyers.


9. Duration

Always choose the longest possible

This means more exposure for your item. Remember that people looking for your item may not necessarily be browsing every day for it so by giving ten days for example you offer a better chance for the buyer to see your listing.


10. Proof read

Make sure your listing is accurate, honest and without error.

You don't want negative feedback from an angry seller!


And there we have it!

Sorry for the lack of photos but this one was just useful information this time.


I hope this guide helps and let me know if you have any queries by emailing me at

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