How To Setup A PlayStation®3 Console

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How To Setup A PlayStation®3 Console (How-To-Guide)

Step 1) When you have the PlayStation®3 Inside the Box Make sure you have enough Space to put it down & To Open it up, The Equipment Recommended for the Job would be Sharp Knife (Someone Who knows How To Use A Knife & To be safe, let an Adult do this)

Step 2) Use your Sharp Knife to Cut open the Middle Parts at the top & Side, Once done make sure you look inside and pull out what you can first, Lift the Light Objects out first & The heavy ones out LAST!

Step 3) When your Lifting your PS3 Console, Make sure you put both your hands at either side and pull out Gently, Then put on a Safe Place (Eg; Table, Chair), Once done & all Cables / Controller has been Taken out & With any good that's included, Once done.

Step 4) Put your PS3 Console somewhere you have large amount of Space, Take of your Display Cable & Plug into your Console towards your Television, Then take out your Power Cable & Insert into Console towards Your Plug Adapter (There are different type of Power cables for PS3 Consoles | PS3 Fat Version / PS3 Slim Version / PS3 Super Slim Version) Once inserted, Plug your PS3 Charger cable into your Console at the front end then insert other end into your PS3 Controller.

Step 5) When everything is on Make sure you turn your TV on before you turn your PS3 on so that the PS3 will state on what Display settings your using, Now turn on your PS3, When it's on You'll be Directed towards some settings like, Time,Date,Year / Location / Network Your using / Sign into PSN Account, When you have sorted out the PS3 Console's Information, Make sure you Sign up for PSN (It's FREE & Always Will Be For PS3 Consoles), Then you can edit your Profile Later, When you've done, Make sure you go to Settings Then Press Square on the very top Icon then Press Update, Make sure it's on the Latest PS3 Firmware as it should be.

Congratulations, You've successfully Completed & Setup your very OWN PS3 Console, Now you can play your games!

Thank you for Reading my Guide on how to Setup Your PS3!
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