How To Spot Buyer Fraud

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I have had two buyers attempt to pay for items through paypal using stolen credit card details, luckily I spotted the fraud before sending the items out. And they have been reported to the appropriate authorities.  I am obviously expecting my 1st set of negative feedback from these fraudsters and I am trying to contact the other sellers they have tried to dupe.  Unfortunately for other ebayers this means that I no longer send items to an unconfirmed address.

My advice to other sellers is if you feel there maybe something wrong in the transaction trust your gut feeling.
Always get the ebay contact information for the buyer and check the name against the paypal payee and also the delivery address. use some online tools like 192 or others and see if they are listed on directory enquiries or the electoral role.  Ask your buyer for a landline telephone number at the delivery address (this is usually required for the courier anyway).  Call the number in the ebay contact info and call the landline number they give you.  Try to call at a time not specified by the buyer or during business hours. (One of my buyers gave me a telephone number of a Hindu Culture Centre which was next door to the delivery address the item was to go to) If you are in doubt call paypal and let them know your concerns. Both ebay & paypal do not offer much help unless the police get involved.
Also use the Advanced Search feature from ebay and search on "items by Bidder" enter your buyers ID and check the box that says incude completed listings within the past 30 days.  You will then see what they are bidding on and have won.  You can make your own judment based on this information.  Personally if they are a new user or have low feedback or private feedback and they have been buying expensive items or lots  and lots of unrelated items in a short space of time I usually avoid them.

On one of my dodgy buyers I was really quite lucky with the paypal payee name, when I did a search on there were only 6 people with that name in the whole of the UK so I contacted them all and guess what, I found the guy who's credit card details had been used.  between us we reported it to the police and his credit card company. 
But like I said "I was lucky"!
You need to be aware like most of you I thought what the heck, the money is in my account  I'll just transfer it to my bank and I have the cash.  What most people don't realise is that once the credit card company discover the fraud they can issue a "Chargeback" upto a year after the transaction and you HAVE TO do a refund if you don't paypal just take the money from your account and charge you a further £7 for the priveledge.  So you lose the money, your £7 out of pocket and if you sent the goods you never get the back.

If you are unsure about your transaction, do a paypal refund and wait the 10 days and report the item unpaid to ebay, then relist your item.

I will try and add more info here when I get another chance but in the meantime...

Thanks for looking!

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