How To Spot Fake Celine Phantom Handbags

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Ebay and other sites are flooded with fake handbags and without a little help  it’s very easy to get fooled. This being the first guide on how to spot fake Celine handbags, let me know if you think there’s something missing. So let’s get down to business!

The name

Just to set the record straight, the Celine Phantom and the Celine Square Luggage Phantom are the same.

The size of authentic Celine Phantom handbags

Authentic Celine Phantom bags come in two sizes and due to the fact that they are made in Italy, the measurements are in centimeters. The small Phantom is 35x30x24cm and the large Phantom is 35x24x31cm. Always keep in mind that these measurements are approximate, so if there’s a difference of an inch, don’t worry, your bag can still be authentic.

The exterior

As many of you know, authentic Celine bags can be made of smooth leather and purses made of suede leather. The leather used for Celine bags is softer than the leather used for Celine Luggage bags.

The front pocket

It’s not that hard to spot a fake Celine just by looking at the front pocket. Unlike the Celine Luggage, the front pocket of the Phantom fits your Iphone and the zipper pull should have a pretty long braided leather tassel. Another way to tell if your bag is fake is to look at the positioning of the front pocket. Here is how is see it; try to measure where the handles end and the pocket begin; it should be about an inch. From the end of the pocket and the bottom of the bag should be about half an inch. This is only my measurement, no SA confirmed this.

The bottom of the bag

I’ve seen authentic Celine bags that have metal feet and I’ve also seen authentic bags without them, so I think it depends on the collection and the year when they were made. The best way to know if you’re bag is authentic or fake is to check the bottom of the bag. Authentic Celine bags don’t have any stitch/line across the bottom; only fake Celine bags have it.

The handles

There are a lot of fake Celine bags sold as authentic and another way to make sure you buy the right bag is by checking the handles. The size of the handles is 4.5-5 inches so they are too small to allow you to carry your bag on your shoulder, unless you have tiny arms.

The hardware

I’ve seen authentic Celine bags with both gold and silver hardware.

The interior

Because authentic Celine bags are made of two types of leather (three if you count the crocodile leather) the interior is also different. Authentic Celine bags made of smooth leather should have the interior made of suede leather. Celine bags with pastel colors have suede lining too but the shade can be a bit different. Same goes for Celine bags with a different color on the trimmings, the inside color should be the same as the outside color. As long as your bag doesn’t have black lining, you’ve bought an authentic Celine Phantom.

It’s the other way around with Celine bags made of suede leather. On this bag, the lining should be made of smooth leather, with the same (or close) color as the exterior of the bag. Remember, this is a very important detail to check, before buying you bag.

The authentic Celine Phantom bag has only one inside zipped pocket and it should be imprinted with “made in Italy”

The Logo

The logo of the Celine Phantom bag should be imprinted not stamped. A thing that most fake bags don’t have is the accent on the E, so if you ever see a bag without this accent, it’s fake.


But, if you’re looking for an authentic Celine Phantom made of crocodile leather and the bag doesn’t have the logo, don’t worry! It can still be authentic. Prior to 2011, Celine Croc Phantom bags had the logo stamped on the outside but after that year, the logo was moved on the inside.

The date code

You should be able to find the date code imprinted on a small leather tab, inside the pocket
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