How To Spot Fake / Copy Oakley Sunglasses on eBay

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY NO1GIFTSTORE - up to 75% off RRP WE HOPE THAT THIS HAS BEEN HELPFUL FOR YOU - PLEASE TAKE 2 SECONDS TO CLICK 'YES' TO Was this guide helpful? ==================================== BEWARE.. There are more and more reported cases of 'fake' items going on sale on eBay. Honest people are losing a lot of money whilst these dishonest people are making a lot money. This guide was written to make sure that you are not one of the people who gets ripped off and to try and shut down these sellers. WANT TO BUY SOME NICE OAKLEY'S ON EBAY? READ THIS - IT COULD SAVE YOU ££££ -------------------------------------------- SO HOW DO YOU SPOT FAKE OAKLEYS FROM REAL ONES? -------------------------------------------- 1. Oakley sunglasses come with pouch or bag , box and documentation. Don't bid if the item / auction doesn't include any of these. 2. Look at the seller's feedback. You should be able to tell if he/she has tried selling fakes before. Don't just look at the percentage, read the comments from other eBayers. 3. Have a look at the price, if it's less than £50.00 - beware! The RRP can be 5 times that so would they really be sold at this price if they were genuine? 4. It is possible to purchase fakes from Europe; they only cost 4-10 euros. In eBay auctions they only often include a bag. Sometimes they have a tag and/or sticker marked oakley. Warning: THESE ARE FAKE!!! DO NOT BUY THERE!! Only buy if they have documentation and box. 5. It's worth having a look the sellers other items or store if they have one. If he/she is selling more than one set, but has low feedback they could have bought a load of fakes and just set up an account. If they have high feedback, or a shop then they are probably trustworthy and you can probably purchase in confidence. 6. An obvious one. If in the description the seller claims he/she is selling an old set, but is also selling others then they were probably bought on the cheap! 7. Read the description fully, there may be some small print in the auction saying they are not real. This is highly illegal and also against eBay's policy - report to eBay if you spot this. 8. FINALLY - It's a risk to purchase if it doesn't state in the auction that the sunglasses are real or Genuine. -------------------------------------------------------- BROUGHT THE ITEM ALREADY? AND WANT TO KNOW IF THEY ARE REAL? -------------------------------------------------------- * To be sure it would be best to go to an Oakley dealer. * Make sure the sunglasses you bought aren't plastic if they are only made in metal. * If you don't have a local Oakley dealer make sure all documentation is there. * If they are metal then it is unlikely they will be fake, but don't assume they are real. * The Oakley bag is usually black or white, but may come in different colours. The bag has a tag with 'Genuine O software' and 'Plutonite lenses should only be cleaned with the provided sunglass bag. Oakley, inc.' * The tag on the bag would have been stitched on perfectly, no funny angles as if put on at home with a sewing machine. * It shouldn't fall apart. I've seen fakes where the 'O's fall off and the arms easily come apart. BOTTOM LINE IS - IF IN DOUBT - DON'T BUY. IF YOU ARE HAPY TO PURCHASE - WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE OAKLEYS - GET THEM CHECKED OUT TO BE SURE. IF THEY ARE FAKE TRY AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM THE SELLER AND LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO WORN OTHER POTENTIAL BUYERS & REPORT THE SELLER TO EBAY... ==================================== BROUGHT TO YOU BY NO1GIFTSTORE - up to 75% off RRP WE HOPE THAT THIS HAS BEEN HELPFUL FOR YOU - ONCE AGAIN - PLEASE TAKE 2 SECONDS TO CLICK 'YES' TO Was this guide helpful? ====================================
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