How To Spot Fake Corsair Flash Drives

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If you have brought a Corsair flash drive, And are not 100% sure it's Genuine, Maybe this blog will help! You might think oh well I got a cheap 64gb /32Gb Or 16Gb drive ect ect! BUT DID YOU?

1. Feel the flash drive does it feel as though there is room at the end of the drive and soft? Like the insides are to small for the rubber sleve where the flashing light should be? Genuine ones don't! As they have a metal shell under the rubber so feel solid.

2. On the metal bit that goes into the computer, Does it have numbers engraved in it? Genuine ones do on both sides!

3. Does a blue light flash (Not RED!) when transfering data? A Genuin one does!

4. Go to my computer and right click on the Removable Disk, Then go to propeties, Then hardware tab! Dose it show as USB2.0 Flash disk USB Device? (FAKE!) Or Corsair Voyager USB Device? (Genuine)

5. Most of these fake drives have been hacked! So if you have brought a 32Gb drive it might show as 32Gb But really it might be only 4gb or 8gb A good way to test the drive is to put data onto the drive (At least More then half the size of the drive! i.e. 32gb drive = Over 16gb) Once all the data is on the drive (Video files are a good test!) Try playing some of them back and see if they work or whever they are now corrupt.

6. The red or blue colour on each side of the Corsair Drive should not rub off on your nail or leave any colour on your nail! If it does it's a fake! As the genuine ones are Red or Blue rubber and not paint!.

If it looks like a FAKE please go to your Paypal and open a dispute ASAP and if you do not get a refund within 24Hrs Escalate to a claim. And Please report the seller to EBay (We Need To Stop These conmen And keep Ebay a safe place to shop)

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Oh Yes The One Person Who Did Not Find This Guide Usfull Was A Seller Of The Fake Corsairs Lol (Sorry Mate You Will Have To Sell Genuine Ones From Now On :p)


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