How To Spot Post War Parachute Regiment/Airborne Beret

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This is just a quick and simple guide on how to spot post war beret's to WW2 berets all these pointers count for every second world war ''British Made'' beret. Please bear in mind i claim to be no expert, all these tips come from research and looking through berets from my own collection. There are alot more pointers on how to spot post war berets than the ones listed below but these should put you in the right direction to buying an original WW2 beret.

1. All Beret's should have 2 brass painted air vents with a leather stitched backing.

2. Inside the beret just under the leather sweatband there should be loose hand stitching all around the beret, this is to hold the hessian strip in place but this can be often seen taken out.

3. Kangol wear limited berets are the most popular and sellable berets but it is not the only maker of WW2 beret's, you can spot post war Kangol berets as shown  below. please note the WW2 makers variation shown at the top carried on until around 1948 but i am not certain.

               Kangol Wear Limited (date)= WW2


                 Wear Limited (date) = post war

4. ''The spray test'' if you have a beret and the date is not visible try the spray test, if you get a normal spray bottle that can spray a ''mist'' style fill it with water then spray the beret on the inside. Please turn your beret inside out when doing this as it also might get the WD stamp which can also be as good as a date. If you wait the water can draw out a date, if it hasn't try it under different light settings and it may become more visible.

5. WD Stamps, all beret's have WD stamps if it doesnt have one it doesnt mean it is fake or post war it could just simply have been worn off. If your beret's date has worn off check for a WD stamp this can sometimes be as good as a date or just a confirmation that your date matched the letter. Below is a list for WD date letters. Please bear in mind some of these cold be wrong and if you have anymore to add please email me and i will add it.

1939 R   1940 Q   1941 P   1942 O   1943 N   1944 M   1945 Z   1946 L    1947 E    1948 R
1950 B    1952 C     1953 L   1954 M

These are just a few things to look for. If you have anything to add or think i have made a mistake please contact me and i will change it, please dont forget to vote if this guide was helpful.

I am always looking to add to my collection, if you have anything military please get in touch through ebay or at

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