How To Test 'Gold Leaf on Base'

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Gold Leaf Test

When you buy gold leaf, you are buying either 100% genuine gold leaf or you are buying composition gold leaf.

Paying for 24K gold leaf is much more expensive than buying the more economical composition gold leaf, so it makes good sense to check that you are buying the real thing, especially if you are going to offer it in food preparations for people to eat.

In some cases, we have found ‘gold leaf on base’ being advertised and sold as 100% 24K gold leaf, which it isn’t. So if you have read our Gold Leaf Buyer’s Guide, you will naturally want to check if your 24ct 'gold leaf on base' actually contains any real gold at all.

In order to carry out this test, you will need a small bottle of 22ct gold testing acid and a black testing stone, which can be obtained for just a few pounds.

To carry out the test, place a small part of a leaf (5mm x 5mm) on the black test stone.

Now cover ALL of the leaf with two or three drops of the 22ct gold testing acid.

It is important to cover all the leaf with acid to avoid any uncovered leaf remaining after the test is completed (see below).

The acid will now slowly burn away everything apart from any 24K gold content, which will be easily visible against the black background of the test stone.

Needless to say, if the leaf is genuine 100% 24K gold, the acid will have no effect on the leaf at all and your purchase will have been proved to be genuine.

We are not knocking composition gold leaf (also known as gold leaf on base) here, as it is a much more economical way to gild your projects. We merely wish to help you avoid paying over the odds for something that is not what it appears to be.

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N.B. When handling acid, protective clothing should be worn at all times.

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Gold Leaf Testing Kit
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Gold Leaf Testing Kit

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