How To Tune in PlayStation RF Aerial Lead

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PlayStation RF Aerial Lead Setup Guide


First turn your PlayStation ON and leave a game in it and running.
make sure your TV is on the Analogue mode NOT the Digital Mode you will be able to select this in the TV's AV source or settings menu

Make sure the (Male) plug Aerial end of the RF Lead is in the Tv's aerial Socket and the little switch on the RF Lead (if it has a switch) is in the "I" Position and your Tv is turned on to a disused Analogue channel (ch7 etc.) Turn on the Playstation and Leave it Running so as you will recognize it when it appears,

then you will need to go to the Tv's Manual Tuning Facility in the Tv menu under settings then under tuning which all Tv's have old or new, do not use the auto tune facility

tune the frequency to 591000khz on C36 , or if your Tv has a animated bar that roles from one side to the other on the display (this is most common) then the PlayStation will appear at the end of the little bar Keep going until the PlayStation Picture appears

Some RF Leads have two Aerial sockets one to keep your aerial connected and the other to go to the Tv so you can keep your Tv Aerial connected and switch between the two

Others that only have one visible Aerial socket will have to be unplugged and the Tv aerial plugged back in again to allow you to keep watching the Tv


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